jeudi 24 juillet 2008

Deux articles sur la disparition des flamants roses...

... en plastique. J'ai trouvé ça en fouinant sur le Web afin d'y trouver une photographie pour le billet précédent (en anglais) :

James Gosling, RIP: Pink Flamingo, 1957-2006

Aussi cet article ici :

Pink Flamingo Extinct?
In either-fantastic-or-horrible-depending-on-who-you-ask news, the factory that makes the kitsch lawn icon the pink flamingo is shutting down after 49 years.
Union Products Inc. stopped producing flamingos and other lawn ornaments at its Leominster, Massachusetts, factory in June, and went out of business this week — a victim of rising expenses for plastic resin and electricity, as well as financing problems.
The small privately held firm has been in talks with a pair of rival lawn ornament makers interested in buying the molds and resuming production of the flamingos, designed in 1957 by local son Don Featherstone, says
Plus que jamais, luttons pour sa réintroduction sur le Web !